Princess Carolyn: ENTJ

EDIT: Revised after replies

Not quite sure about this one overall. Her Te-Fi axis is on display most clearly when she tells Diane that she compulsively takes care of others because she doesn't know how to take care of herself. She takes swift action to ensure that her clients and friends are taken care of, even if she doesn't do so in a typically nurturing way. Her physical attack of BoJack in "Best Thing That Every Happened" seemed like a straight up Te-Fi response; taking physical control of a situation in which she's not quite emotionally equipped.

This isn't even mentioning that we also constantly see Te rather clearly in her carefully scheduled work life. However, I'm not really sure if I can apply this axis to her relationship with Rutebaga, as I've always seen her dynamic with him displaying more Ti-Fe than showing the vulnerability that I associate with Te-Fi. I'm also not sure whether her preventing her assistant from being promoted in "Old Acquaintance" is something that someone with low Fi would do, but I'm open to hearing other opinions about it.

I can see Ni-Se in her deciding how people will fit into an external system, i.e. connecting Diane with Stefani Stilton, deciding roles for BoJack like Flight of the Pegasus, planning and scheming in general, and her wry and sarcastic sense of humor.


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